NPRI Issues

Government Spending

No government can spend its way to prosperity, but that doesn’t mean Nevada’s bureaucrats don’t want to try. NPRI is both a watchdog and an informational powerhouse — finding and exposing waste and highlighting ways to get better results for less. 



It’s a simple, yet powerful idea: Let people keep and spend their own money. Individuals can spend their own money better than bureaucrats, and economic freedom is the only thing that produces sustainable economic growth. In support of this, NPRI fights for a system of low and uniform taxes.



Parents know their children best. That’s why NPRI wants to empower parents to let them choose the school and school system — public, private, online, charter, homeschooling, etc. — that’s best for their child. 



You shouldn’t lose your First Amendment rights because of where you work. NPRI fights for worker freedom and against laws that unjustly benefit union employees at the expense of taxpayers.



Debt, especially the unfunded liability in the Public Employees Retirement System, is the sleeping but soon-to-awaken giant in state and local government. NPRI works tirelessly to show the true scope of PERS’ problems and provide solutions that have worked in other states.


Regulation/Economic Development

Free markets should be free — free from government picking the winners and losers in the economy. True economic development comes from freeing entrepreneurs from unnecessary regulations and limiting government to its core and constitutional functions.



Cheap energy improves the lives of everyone. Unfortunately, liberal politicians have mandated that Nevada consumers subsidize and purchase more expense “renewable” energy. NPRI fights to free the energy market from politically motivated mandates.


Health Care

America still has the greatest health care system in the world, despite increasingly rampant government intervention. Free-market reforms can strengthen that system further. Why would anyone want to copy the European system of health-care rationing? NPRI focuses on solutions that lead to improved health, not blindly increasing spending on health insurance.


Constitutional Rights

Your home is your castle. At least until a government bureaucrat wants a piece of it. Through research and litigation, NPRI fights to defend property rights, free speech and other rights guaranteed by our state and federal constitutions.



Taxpayers have the right to know where their tax dollars are going. Taxpayers have a right to know what government bureaucrats have planned. That’s why NPRI makes public information available on and works to preserve and extend transparency in government.