Federal land

Solution of the week: Liberate Nevada from its federal occupation

It's time to finish what the Sagebrush Rebellion started

December 10, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

It's time for Nevada lawmakers to finish what the Sagebrush Rebellion started.

All eyes on Arizona

Will the voters of the state declare sovereignty over its federally administered lands?

November 5, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

Will the Arizona voters declare sovereignty over its federally administered lands?

The West fires back

Utah takes land-rights issue to next level...will Nevada be next?

June 4, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

Will Nevada follow Utah and take land-rights issue to the next level?

Washington versus the West

States are challenging Congress's ability to control Western lands

April 3, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

Western states challenge Congress's ability to control their lands.

Solutions 2013

A Sourcebook for Nevada Policymakers

March 1, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

Solutions 2013 covers 39 subject areas and is a comprehensive sourcebook for lawmakers, candidates and citizens who are interested in policy solutions. As the name implies, these are the solutions for the issues facing Nevadans — from taxes to education, from energy to labor, from economic development to higher education, and many more.

It's time to free the West

Federal lands belong under state control

January 23, 2012 | by Geoffrey Lawrence

Federal lands in Nevada belong under state control.

Stimulus-funded projects got to jump regulatory line

Congressional ‘help’ delayed private-sector energy projects, costing millions of jobs

April 13, 2011 | by Kyle Gillis

Politically sponsored energy projects funded with federal "stimulus" dollars got preferential regulatory treatment over private-sector projects.

Hammered by government's 'help'

The Federal Reserve and federal land agencies combine to bring needless suffering.

April 18, 2008 | by Doug French

The combination of buyer stupidity, population growth and loose lending certainly contributes to housing market volatility, but government planning deserves some of the blame as well.

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