Yucca Mountain

Stimulus-funded projects got to jump regulatory line

Congressional ‘help’ delayed private-sector energy projects, costing millions of jobs

April 13, 2011 | by Kyle Gillis

Politically sponsored energy projects funded with federal "stimulus" dollars got preferential regulatory treatment over private-sector projects.

Wasted potential

Federal government kills thousands of current and future Yucca jobs in favor of underwhelming number of subsidized ‘green’ jobs

February 15, 2011 | by Kyle Gillis

In an effort led by Sen. Reid, the federal government has killed thousands of current and future Yucca jobs and replaced them with an underwhelming number of 'green' jobs.

Spare the Rods

The Free-Market Alternative to the Yucca Mountain Repository

November 1, 2001 | by D. Dowd Muska

There are many alternatives to burying used fuel from commercial reactors beneath Yucca Mountain. 

NPRI’s Second Annual ‘Overlooked Awards’

March 15, 1999 | by D. Dowd Muska

Later this month Project Censored, a left-wing media group, will reveal the ten stories it believes were "censored" by the nation’s mainstream press in 1998. The Nevada Policy Research Institute offered its first list of the stories the Silver State’s media ignore last year. Herewith, NPRI’s Second Annual Overlooked Awards. The following are not censored stories but rather topics which got little (or flawed) press coverage in 1998, due to reporters’ laziness and/or lack of understanding—not to mention the well-funded snow jobs often orchestrated by special interests in Nevada.

Could Privatization Defeat the Yucca Mountain Project?

June 3, 1998 | by D. Dowd Muska

The Department of Energy continues to investigate whether Yucca Mountain is a viable location to store the high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) produced by America’s commercial nuclear reactors. Nevada’s elected officials, fully aware that their political lives depend on resistance to the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP), continue to fight the proposal. The rhetoric they employ to oppose the YMP usually features apocalyptic scenarios—fantasies of terrorist attacks or cataclysmic volcanic eruptions. It is unfortunate that YMP foes rarely advance the free-market argument that the federal government should not be responsible for disposing of waste generated by for-profit corporations. Events in Utah may bring attention to this oversight—a possible interim storage facility in the Beehive State suggests that the HLRW problem does not require a government-dominated solution.

Nevada’s Most-Overlooked Stories

April 17, 1998 | by D. Dowd Muska

Last month "Project Censored," an annual public relations stunt by the far left, revealed its list of the top censored stories of 1997. The list is comprised of trendy liberal topics that are largely overlooked by the mainstream press. The list’s name is disingenuous—the stories are not "censored" at all, but regularly see print in ultra-leftist publications such as The Nation and Mother Jones. The Reno News & Review compiled its own list covering subjects within the state, including "overpopulation" in Washoe Valley and Nevada’s "rule by the rich." NPRI has a somewhat different take on the types of stories to which Nevada’s media turns a blind eye. Herewith, NPRI’s list of the most-overlooked stories of the last 12 months.

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