Jay P. Greene: James Guthrie is “great”

Victor Joecks

In case you don’t know who either of those men is, let me fill you in.

Jay P. Greene is one of the top education reform scholars in the country (and runs the terrific Jay P. Greene’s blog). James Guthrie is one of the three individuals, along with Rene Cantu Jr. and Caroline McIntosh, Gov. Brian Sandovalw will select as Nevada’s next superintendent.

Last week, NPRI’s publication, Nevada Journal, asked all the finalists for state Superintendent for their opinions on vouchers and education spending.

Of the three finalists, Guthrie, by far, gave the weakest answer on vouchers (and his answer on vouchers in his interview with the State Board of Education was also less than solid).

A Google search of Guthrie’s research, however, turned up some really great stuff. Here’s Guthrie with an article refuting nine myths on education funding and how noting that “we can reduce school budgets and improvement student achievement at the same time.” And here’s another article with Guthrie concluding “added money and personnel suggest resources not a core problem” in education.

That’s some great stuff, and why I reached out to Dr. Greene for his thoughts on Guthrie.

Dr. Greene emailed me that “Guthrie is great” and also that Guthrie believes in school choice.

I respect Dr. Greene’s work and commitment to school choice tremendously. And that’s why I’m even more optimistic than before that Nevada’s next Superintendent will support school choice.

And that’s something parents, students and citizens of Nevada can all be excited about.