Jim Rogers risks life, applies for CCSD’s top job

Victor Joecks

If you think I’m joking, you probably don’t remember Rogers’ reaction to Gibbons’ 2009 budget proposal.

“I would blow my brains out if I thought this was going through,” said Jim Rogers, the state higher education system’s outspoken chancellor.

But all that aside, Rogers submitted his application to be the superintendent of CCSD.

Jim Rogers, former Nevada System of Higher Education chancellor, has decided to apply for the position of Clark County School District superintendent and is offering to work until July 1, 2013, without a salary.

So why does Rogers think his candidacy is especially important?

And even if a new superintendent is in place by Christmas, there would not be much time for that person to get ready to lobby the Legislature on behalf of K-12 education. [said Rogers]

Now, Jim Rogers may make an excellent superintendent, but there are two things that ought to be considered here. One, his track record. And two, while he claims he’s not “really pressing” the board, there’s a newspaper article about his candidacy (and most likely TV stories tonight), and he’s already got backing from “parent groups, candidates for School Board and Stephen Augspurger, the executive director of the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-technical Employees.”

So Rogers isn’t “really pressing” the board, yet he’s essentially running a public-awareness campaign about his candidacy. Hmmm.