Las Vegas Sun editorial on public union salaries is … right on the money

Victor Joecks

This is from a while back, but it’s worth noting any time the Las Vegas Sun editorial page gets it this right, especially about a labor union issue.

Yet, the SEIU is asking for cost-of-living and merit raises over the next two fiscal years, according to the county. It is also trying to hold on to longevity pay for new employees. The county wants to freeze salary increases for a year and cut longevity pay, which is antiquated and costly, for new employees. …

The unions should step back and look at this realistically: Americans who have jobs are thankful to be working; they’re not demanding wage hikes.
The county should stand firm and focus its efforts on preserving and providing services. Given the economy, there is precious little funding, and salary increases don’t serve the taxpayers well. They also don’t help the unions. By continuing to hold out for salary increases, unions have hurt their credibility, and that’s a price they’ll have to pay in years to come. [Emphasis added]

It took me about 20 minutes to narrow the editorial down to these three paragraphs, because there was so much good stuff in it. I strongly encourage you to read the whole thing.

Speaking of good things, this chart says it all when it comes to public employee salary increases during the economic downturn. Great job here by the Las Vegas Sun and Joe Schoenmann.

Exit question: Some Clark County employees were supposed to receive wage increases of over 23 percent in three years. Who approved that and did anyone think that was sustainable?