Las Vegas Tax Day Tea Party: Rousing success, video coming

Victor Joecks

After spending the last few hours there, I don’t think there’s any other way to describe it.

(photo from the RJ)

People lined the streets of Eastern and packed into Sunset Park to hear the speakers, including NPRI’s own Geoffrey Lawrence. Organizers estimated the crowd at 2,000. The Las Vegas Review-Journal estimated the crowd in Carson City at 2,000 as well.

The crowd was energetic and upset about wasteful spending, and featured some very creative signs.

There was actually a lot of media there as well, which was great. I believe there was more than one TV station there, but I specifically saw KLAS Channel 8’s van there. It’ll be interesting to see how the protest gets covered. 840 KXNT had a big part in making the whole rally come together, so I imagine they’ll be talking about it for a while as well.

Chuck Muth and Elizabeth Crum will probably have something on their blogs, too. Michelle Malkin has information on some of the other 800, yes you read that right 800, tea parties that took place across the United States.

If you have pictures, video or a report from any of the Tea Parties, post a link in the comments. I’m sure we’d all love to read and see other first-hand accounts.

I was able to take some video footage, which I am going to be feverishly editing so I can post it tonight or tomorrow.