Las Vegas Weekly writer slams watering down Nevada’s high school exit exam

Victor Joecks

Last week I wrote about AB456, a bill the Legislature passed to dumb down Nevada’s high school graduation exam. AB456 is currently on Gov. Sandoval’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.

I came across this piece by Steve Friess in the Las Vegas Weekly on AB456 and how academically unprepared Nevada’s students currently are.

For one miserable semester in 2004, I tried to teach journalism at UNLV, except that almost every student was so functionally illiterate I actually taught remedial English. On election night that year, each student received unique orders to chat up a certain demographic or to ask about certain topics at political gatherings. The girl assigned to ask foreign policy questions rendered a story that included this “word”: Alkita.

Read the rest of his column to learn what “Alkita” meant and enjoy his hard-hitting take down of watering down Nevada’s high school diplomas.