Letting CCSD teachers know they have the option to leave CCEA

Victor Joecks

Last Thursday, two CCSD teachers and I offered public comment to the Clark County School District board meeting letting the trustees and the public know that CCSD teachers can opt out of the Clark County Education Association from July 1 to July 15. Details on how teachers can do that are here.

After the board meeting, another teacher and I discussed why so many teachers want to leave CCEA on Face to Face with Jon Ralston.

Do you know a CCSD teacher? If so, will you let them know that they can leave CCEA, but only by submitting written notice between July 1 and July 15. NPRI has made a generic opt-out letter available here.

Also, teachers should know that alternative educator associations, like the Association of American Educators, offer similar or better insurance plans and legal protection for any employment issues for far less money than CCEA charges. AAE membership is only $15 a month, while CCEA costs teachers $64 a month. You can learn more about AAE here.

Teachers should be able to make the choice that’s best for them. Help us let teachers know what their options are.