Liberals unsure of what a tax increase is, but finally acknowledge that they’re destructive

Victor Joecks

Is anyone else really enjoying this effort by Nevada's liberals to pretend that eliminating subsidies to college students or other favored Nevadans is a tax increase?

Their latest effort is hilarious.

Liberals are DESPERATELY trying to find some way to claim that Gov. Brian Sandoval has violated his promise not to balance the budget by raising taxes by calling anything and everything under the sun a "tax hike."

That has so far included potential tuition hikes and reallocation of local tax revenues. And now some are trying to claim that the proposed elimination of the Senior Property Tax Assistance welfare program is technically a tax hike.

Let's at least applaud Nevada's leftists for acknowledging that tax increases have negative consequences.

Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, said Sandoval's suggestion that the university raise tuition "is shifting the problem to others, rather than owning it and dealing with it straight on."

Horsford, who put himself through UNR, said, "I'm concerned that for every percent tuition is increased, a middle-income family or students putting themselves through college won't be able to attend."

We've finally achieved bi-partisan consensus – tax increases hurt people.

I'm going to repeat that, because I have a feeling this is something we're going to need to remember: Tax increases hurt people.

Of course, what the political left doesn't understand is that ending a subsidy isn't a tax increase – ending a subsidy is ending a subsidy.

Now, while liberals struggle to figure out what is and isn't a tax increase, I hope they continue this line of argumentation.

All they're doing is reminding the public of the negative impacts of tax increases. And why would anyone want to stop that?