Listen for yourself: Debt Management Commission violates Open Meeting Law

Victor Joecks

NPRI has filed an open meeting law violation against the Clark County School District and the Clark County Debt Management Commission. Read this and this, if you aren’t up to speed on the case.

At the heart of the case is the fact that DMC did not take public comment before taking action on CCSD’s $669 million property-tax-increase proposal.

Today, NPRI is releasing the audio of the meeting, available here.

This is a recording of the meeting, which demonstrates that DMC violated NRS 241.020(2)(c)(3), which requires that public comment must be taken “before the public body takes action on the item.”

Another provision in the chapter, NRS 241.036, states that: “The action of any public body taken in violation of any provision of this chapter is void.”

After listening to the audio, you can tell that this is an open-and-shut case. DMC didn’t take public comment before voting, and the law declares that action “void.”

Instead of wasting taxpayer money fighting this in court, government officials should accept responsibility for violating the Open Meeting Law.