Ministerio Roca Solida v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service, et al.

CJCL files suit on behalf of Ministerio Roco Solida Church

NPRI’s Center for Justice and Constitutional Litigation has filed lawsuits in both the United States Court of Federal Claims and United States District Court for the District of Nevada seeking justice for the Ministerio Roca Solida Church (Solid Rock Church), pastored by Victor Fuentes.

The suits seek restoration of the Church’s water rights and restitution from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for negligent and lawless actions by the agency that caused more than $86,000 in damage to the church’s camp.

The camp, Patch of Heaven in the Amargosa Valley, suffered significant damage in 2010 when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recklessly and illegally rerouted a stream that has historically flowed through Patch of Heaven. Less than three weeks after being rerouted, the stream overflowed the federal agency’s poorly engineered new banks during rain showers — sending destructive floods of mud and muddy waters through the camp.

The lawsuits follow a six-month wait by the church and CJCL for a response to their claim against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for more than $86,000 in damages resulting from the agency’s negligence. The federal agency never even acknowledged receipt of the claim, much less its responsibility.

Ironically, Pastor Fuentes came to the United States to escape oppression by an unaccountable government. In 1991, he swam seven miles from near his home in Santiago, Cuba, to Guantanamo Bay and gained political asylum.