Long Wait for Voting Results Hurts Public Confidence

Among the flaws of universal mail-in balloting is that it does little to inspire election confidence.

Take a recent primary race in neighboring California that required two months to determine the final results.

Balloting in the jungle-style primary concluded on March 5, but two candidates ended up tied for second, with 30,249 votes apiece. In California, which has universal mail-in balloting, all candidates appear on the same primary ballot, but only the two with the most votes, regardless of party, advance to the general election.

Disputes over contested ballots and a recount in the above case weren’t settled until this week. Mail-in balloting causes distrust in such cases because votes that come for several days after the election are counted.

According to Walter Olson, who authored Nevada Policy’s recent paper Efficient, Timely and Reliable: A Framework for Election Law in Nevada, long reporting delays – such as what happened in California and what occurs in Nevada every two years – increase suspicion that something is amiss.

“Other advanced democracies get the job done much more speedily, and we should too,” he wrote in a post for the Cato Institute’s blog.

Read more here: https://www.cato.org/blog/must-california-take-two-months-resolve-house-race