Maddow attacks, still no substance

Patrick Gibbons

Rachael Maddow, the dogmatic host on MSNBC, recently had Americans For Prosperity (AFP) president Tim Phillips on as a guest. AFP is currently touring the East Coast, talking about the dangers of Obamacare and building up grassroots support for real, market-oriented health care reform.

Maddow could have taken the debate down an intellectual path, discussing the problems or merits of Obamacare. But, as a typical ideologue, she instead resorted to personal attacks. For 10 minutes, Maddow attempted to grill the ever-so-cordial Phillips on the issue of who funds the AFP.

Maddow’s attack is particularly ironic considering the fact that Obama has the support of many major medical corporations (Democrats bought them off).

Maddow’s attacks are intended to discredit the AFP, but any reasonable person would see she fails to accomplish that goal. To discredit someone you have to prove his ideas are wrong, not attack who he is. That means debating the issue – something Maddow seems to regularly avoid.

Attacking the messenger, the individual, or the group, is always a good strategy if your own position is without merit.