More evidence against global warming: Poorly placed thermometers

Victor Joecks

Just another reason to wary of the “science” behind the global warming hysteria.

And global-warming fear mongerers are having to try really hard to be hysterical, because as George Will notes, the earth’s temperature has been stable since 1998.

Plateau in Temperatures Adds Difficulty to Task Of Reaching a SolutionNew York Times, Sept. 23

In this headline on a New York Times story about the difficulties confronting people alarmed about global warming, note the word “plateau.” It dismisses the unpleasant – to some people – fact that global warming is maddeningly (to the same people) slow to vindicate their apocalyptic warnings about it.

The “difficulty” – the “intricate challenge,” the Times says – is “building momentum” for carbon reduction “when global temperatures have been relatively stable for a decade and may even drop in the next few years.” That was in the Times’s first paragraph.

In the fifth paragraph, a “few years” became “the next decade or so,” according to Mojib Latif, a German “prize-winning climate and ocean scientist” who campaigns constantly to promote policies combating global warming. Actually, Latif has said he anticipates “maybe even two” decades in which temperatures cool. But stay with the Times’s “decade or so.” By asserting that the absence of significant warming since 1998 is a mere “plateau,” not warming’s apogee, the Times assures readers who are alarmed about climate change that the paper knows the future and that warming will continue: Do not despair, bad news will resume.

The real bad news would be passing some version of the job-killing, cap-and-tax bill that the Senate is currently discussing.

Here’s another tidbit about why cap and trade is a bad idea. Rep. Henry Waxman, primary sponsor of the house cap-and-trade bill, does not know what’s actually in the bill.