Moving on up

Patrick Gibbons

Nevada's actual per-pupil spending in 2006 was $9,738 (total K-12 public education expenditures, as reported to the U.S. Census Bureau, divided by student population). In 2008 dollar values that amount is $10,420 per student – a per-pupil cost that is well above many of Nevada's private schools today.

Nevada's estimated per-pupil spending is 32.6 percent higher than the state's reported official figure of $7,345. That means Nevada ranks first in the country (excluding D.C.) for under-reporting per-pupil education expenditures – and that's not something to be proud of.

Adjusting all state education spending figures to reflect total expenditures divided by student population, Nevada's per-pupil spending ranking moves up from 44th to 31st in the nation (32nd if you include D.C.).

Per-pupil spending still doesn't correlate with student performance, but it's nevertheless amazing – honesty, not increased taxes, improved Nevada's per-pupil spending ranking.