Nevada elections primed to get James O’Keefed

Victor Joecks

James O’Keefe and the team at Project Veritas have done amazing work exposing just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in states where photo identification isn’t required to vote. A member of his team was even offered Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot!

In the Project Veritas investigations, an undercover reporter goes into a polling place and claims to be someone he isn’t, usually a public figure or dead person. Since no photo identification is required, a poll worker looks up that name, verbally verifies the address and then offers the undercover investigator a chance to sign the poll book, which would lead to the reporter, wrongly, being given a ballot. Right before he signs, the undercover investigator mentions he forget his identification. The poll worker insists it isn’t necessary, but the reporter – not wanting to commit voter fraud – insists he wants to go get it and leaves.

As I voted yesterday in Nevada’s primary, I realized I could have been starring in an O’Keefe video. I walked into my polling place and told the elections worker my name and address. The worker found my name and gave me the poll book for me to sign.

I signed the poll book – which contained my file signature right next to where I was signing! That makes signature verification a joke, because you can see what the voter’s signature is supposed to look like.

I had my wallet out to show my I.D., but none was requested. I even asked if I needed to show photo I.D. and was told, “Nope.”

I don’t know of any instances of in-person voter fraud in Nevada, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t know someone who’s had his car stolen after he left it unlocked and running while he went inside a grocery store, but I’m not going to leave my keys in unlocked car, because I know what could easily happen. That’s the problem here. It would be easy to commit voter fraud. I could have easily done it yesterday and you could have easily done it, too.

When it’s that easy to cheat, when having fair and honest elections is foundational in our system of government and when people have millions of dollars at stake in the results of an election, it is imperative that election results be beyond reproach. And they aren’t right now. Not even close.