Nevada is not a finalist for Race to the Top funds

Patrick Gibbons

After peaking at Nevada’s lengthy application I can tell you I’m not really all that surprised, but, Nevada is not a finalist for the remaining $3.4 billion in the Race to the Top grant. Nevada acted like NCLB required policies were amazing reforms to help turn around struggling schools and didn’t provide much else in the way of reform. It also didn’t help that Nevada has a dismal education history.

Now the real question is whether or not the state legislature will be motivated to push through education reform, despite not being able to win the money.

Yes, Nevada should grade public school teachers using value-added assessment. Yes we should expand charter and empowerment schools. However, we probably shouldn’t adopt the common core standards, on principle, but we should look toward strengthening our education standards.

Correction: fixed spelling mistake that resulted in a pun…