Nevada is the next California

Patrick Gibbons

*California’s public employee union members protesting for tax increases.

Just six years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California and promised to smash big government and high taxes. But just a few years later, California’s spending binge under Schwarzenegger dwarfed the spending spree under Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger’s predecessor who had been recalled by the people of the state.

Rent-seekers and public employee unions continually raid the coffers of the state for their own gain at the expense of the state’s well-being. Rather than slash taxes and spending, it is much easier just to give the rent-seekers and unions what they want. This has put California on the brink of bankruptcy.

Ironically, California’s politicians are claiming that they have already cut their budget to the bone. Interesting … we’ve heard that same refrain here in Nevada. It’s total nonsense – there is plenty of fat to cut.

Watch this video on the Governator and the union raiders here: