Nevada Legislature: Oh, that secret tax increase

Victor Joecks

After weeks of secret meetings, the Nevada Legislature has finally, finally, unveiled its plans for a record tax increase.

The tax plan was discussed Saturday during a joint Senate-Assembly taxation meeting.

Assembly Taxation Chairwoman Kathy McClain, D-Las Vegas, said an actual bill to increase the taxes could be ready Monday and legislators hope to adopt it by Wednesday.

And yep, the plan is a dozy. It would double the modified business tax, raise the state sales tax, increase the business license tax and raise motor vehicle taxes. As Steve Wynn said, anyone who would raise taxes in this environment is “psychotic.”

And the legislature is going to try to pass the largest tax increase in state history (when combined with the room tax) 48 hours after the bill is ready.

In light of this kind of action, it’s no wonder the legislature excluded itself from the open meetings law.

Citizens should just hand over their wallets and shut up â’€ it’d make the lives of legislators so much easier.