Nevada now requires 600 hours of training to paint fingernails

Victor Joecks

And 900 hours if you want to apply makeup.

Another law that takes effect today requires more training for students who enter nail technology or aesthetic schools.

Vincent Jimno, executive director of the state Board of Cosmetology, said the additional training is needed for infection control. The training will be increased from 500 to 600 hours for new nail technologists, formerly called manicurists.

The training for aestheticians will increase from 600 to 900 hours. These are skin specialists who do such things as smoothing the facial skin.

These are examples of regulations that kill entrepreneurship and drive up costs for these services. Who, aside from nanny staters, would be in favor of these laws? People currently in these professions. As this ReasonTV video shows, the higher the barrier to entry – all in the name of public safety, of course – the more they can charge and the more secure their jobs are.