Nevada schools waste money, demand more

Victor Joecks

The anguished cries for more taxpayer funding of K-12 education have begun and almost certainly are going to increase as the Legislative Session progresses.

What's often not mentioned is that schools, like most government agencies, waste a tremendous amount of money.

KTNV Channel 13 News did an excellent investigative report on Clark County schools paying "fire guards" to stare at walls. Literally.

"I walked around to the building and saw her sitting there with her feet propped up, just sitting there because that's what she was paid to do, just sit there in case the building was on fire," says parent Patty Mullins.

Contact 13 watched a woman at various times over the course of a week just sitting in her car and found she was indeed being paid to watch a single portable classroom in case it caught on fire.

These fire guards have cost the school district over $600,000 in the last two years.

To be exact, that's $496,818.29 from 7-1-07 to 6-30-08.

The figures they have given us for this school year so far show from 7-1-08 to 12-31-08 an expenditure of $155,581.01, and they're still spending.

Before politicians start permanently taking more of our money, let's demand that the government, like individuals and businesses must do, start to live within its means.

(h/t Nevada Taxpayer Guide)