Nevada tries to seduce California businesses

Victor Joecks

And I do mean seduce.

What is the Silver State using to lure these unsuspecting businesses? Attractive 20-somethings with big, fake, red lips flash mob dancing to promote … Nevada’s low taxes.

Well, low, at least, compared to California. And before the Legislative tax study recommends a tax structure that looks more like California’s.

If you can’t hear the words, the chorus of the song goes: “Come on over here, let me treat you right. If you stay right there, you can kiss your assets goodbye.”

As the talk of a special legislative session increases and the Interim Finance Committee begins its tax study, Nevada’s lawmakers need to remember that low taxes are a reason businesses come to Nevada, raising taxes would be a reason for them to move away, and having income, sales and business taxes hasn’t helped California avoid a budget situation much worse than ours.