Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group releases Preliminary Report

Victor Joecks

For months, we at NPRI have predicted that the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group (comprised mainly of government officials, government employees (or union officials) and those receiving government handouts) would determine that Nevada needs more government.

And after skimming through its Preliminary Executive Summary, it turns out we were right.

The primary task of the Nevada Vision Stakeholder’s Group was to take a broad look at the most important goals for Nevada’s future and to identify the key investments and structural changes needed to get there. Although the group included several policy experts, detailed policy analysis was not its aim. But nothing was off limits for discus­sion, from the structure of the economy and government finances to systems of education, healthcare, transportation and public safety. (Emphasis added)

“Key investments” is just another way of saying “tax increases,” as the rest of the Executive Summary makes clear.

Geoff and I will be writing much more on this, but I just wanted you to have a chance to read the Preliminary Report yourself.

The final meeting of the NVSG is this Friday, May 14, 2010. Details are here, and yes, I will be live blogging it.

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