New CCSD communications model: Hey, let’s talk with the media

Victor Joecks

Lest you think I’m joking, here is the Clark County School District’s new Media Model Overview for you to review.

Click to enlarge, or a PDF version is available here.

The plan represents a fundamental shift in how CCSD relates to media members. Instead of having to go through PIOs (Public Information Officers), each department will have the authority and ability to communicate directly with the press:

What: A shift to content expert model with representatives in each area, division and department responding directly to routine media inquires related to their areas of responsibility(ies)

Previously, media members (including reporters from NPRI’s Nevada Journal) would be directed to talk with CCSD’s Communications Office, which – at least in the case of NPRI – has often done its best not to communicate. I know I’ve seen other reporters (probably on Twitter) make similar complaints.

This policy – if it is actually followed – would be a great step forward for transparency in CCSD. Instead of having the Communications Office delay or prevent communication and attempt to control the message, this policy should open up CCSD more to the media and the public’s eye.

I applaud CCSD for taking a concrete step to remove the barriers it has previously imposed. Media members should take advantage of this policy and make sure CCSD actually follows its own model.