New from NPR: ‘Learn to speak tea bag’

Victor Joecks

That’s new from NPR, as in the publicly funded National Public Radio, not NPRI, your liberty-loving friends at the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Something this vile – that’s funded by your tax dollars – really must be seen to be believed. And why not see it? It involves what could be the biggest political story of 2009, and you’re paying for it.

There’d be nothing wrong with this type of speech – aside from being immature, unsophisticated and wrong-headed – if it were funded privately. But as another example of government picking the winners and losers, this publicly funded political speech is yet another reason why NPR should receive no taxpayer dollars.

And yes, I’d feel the same way if NPR had a conservative/libertarian bias. The principle that government shouldn’t pick the winners and losers applies even when it looks like government intervention is benefitting you in the short run.

(h/t Hotair)