Nine jobs saved in Nevada’s 22nd Congressional district

Victor Joecks

But that’s nothing compared with the $6 million spent to save 12 jobs in Nevada’s 32nd Congressional district.

The stimulus creates extra congressional districts for Nevada
All this information comes directly from the Nevada page of the federal government’s site, which tracks stimulus spending.

This is why transparency is so important. Aside from finding out that Nevada has four new Congressional districts (Update: See the screenshot of all four after the jump), transparency allows citizens and journalists to dive into the data and find out the true number of jobs “created or saved.” All across the country – from Massachusetts to Georgia to Michigan – the government has (grossly) over-reported the number of jobs “saved or created” by the stimulus. Without the ability to fact-check the government, we wouldn’t know the truth.

Like the federal government thinks Nevada has a 25th Congressional district.

Update: I’m adding this screenshot which shows all four of Nevada’s “new” Congressional districts and how much money was spent in each.

Nevada's new Congressional districts