NPRI releases Solutions 2013: The definitive sourcebook on Nevada policy issues

Victor Joecks

NPRI is very excited to announce the release of Solutions 2013: A Sourcebook for Nevada Policymakers. Solutions 2013 contains information, research and recommendations on 39 different policy areas and is the most comprehensive guide available on the issues facing Nevadans.

This 88-page book will become the go-to reference for policymakers, candidates and concerned citizens on issues ranging from taxes to education, from energy to labor, from economic development to higher education.

NPRI’s Geoffrey Lawrence, who wrote Solutions 2013, also offers 53 policy recommendations, and in most cases, the recommendations reference model legislation that has already been created or legislation that has produced successful outcomes in other states.

I’ll be highlighting some of the 39 issues and 53 recommendations that Solutions 2013 addresses here at Write on Nevada in the coming weeks, but you can read all of Solutions 2013 right now by clicking here.