NPRI’s Transparency Project on the LVCVA: Supporting Documentation

Below you will find supporting documents pertaining to the Nevada Policy Research Institute's oversight project of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authoriy. The documents are arranged by subject.

PART I: LVCVA's Relationship with R&R Partners

LVCVA Internal Audit Department
Ad Agreement
Ad Agreement Audit
Audit Related E-mails
Follow-up Questions
Mark-up Rates
More Audit Related E-mails, etc.

R&R Partners Has a Confidential Contract
Hidden Rates
Initiative Media E-mail 1
Initiative Media E-mail 2
Letter to Audit Manager 
Redacted Radio Invoices
Redacted TV Invoices 

R&R Partners Approved Expenses
Rubber Stamp 1
Rubber Stamp 2
Rubber Stamp 3 

Airwave Productions Produces Television and Radio
$424,130 Airwave Invoice 
$1.2 Million Advance Billing 

Rather Than Prepare a 2005 LVCVA Annual Report
Ralenkotter Vision

Advertising Agreement Includes Provision
2000 Agreement
2001 Agreement
2002 Agreement
2003 Agreement
2004 Agreement
2005 Agreement: No Sig
2006 Agreement
2007 Agreement
Pre Media Services Permission

Internal Audit Report of R&R Advertising Agreement Failed to Include
Audit Master Part 1
Audit Master Part 2
Checks and EFTs

R&R Parters Overcharges LVCVA for Outdoor Advertising
Details Part 1
Details Part 2

PART II: LVCVA Operational Issues

Purchases of More Than $60 Million in Real Estate
$1.3 Million Purchase
$1.88 Million Demolition Contract 
$2.56 Million Purchase 
$33 Million Purchase 
$45 Million Purchase 
$50 Million Bond 
$6.5 Million Rubin Purchase
Appraisal of 162-15-101-021
Appraisal of 162-15-501-020
Board Minutes: 9-11-07
Board Purchase of 162-15-101-021
Deed for 162-15-101-020
Deed for 162-15-101-021
MIT Report on Commercial Real Estate
Purchase of 162-15-101-021
Purchase of 162-15-501-012,020
Purchase of 162-15-501-016,024
Valuation Consultants Appraisal 8-16-07

Travel Expenses Exceed the Guidelines
Ralenkotter Travel and Expenses
Jicinsky Travel and Expenses
Nevada Revised Statutes

Improper Use of LVCVA Funds for Personal Benefit
August 1, 2007 
August 27, 2007 
October 11, 2007 
January 8, 2008 
January 9, 2008 
April 10, 2008 
April 28, 2008 
May 7, 2008: Where does the money go? 
May 9, 2008: Tuxedo Rental 
Dinner Brochure 1 
Dinner Brochure 2 
Additional LVCVA Expenses

March 17, 2008 and March 20, 2008 Conference Calls
March 11, 2008 Board Minutes 
April 8, 2008 Minutes
LVCVA E-mail Setting Conference Call 
NV Open Meeting Law
R&R E-mail Sets Board Meeting

LVCVA Rejects a Proposal
Cost Estimates for Study
Embargoed Summary
PSB Poll Results
PSB Powerpoint Part 1
PSB Powerpoint Part 2

Advertising Impact Surveys
Destination Advertising Awareness