NSEA spent over $644K getting signatures for margin tax

Victor Joecks

Tomorrow, the Legislature is going to hold on hearing on Initiative Petition 1, aka the margin tax. What you won't be told is that NSEA spent over $644,000 to gather signatures for its initiative.

 That's a good factoid to remember the next time a union bosses tries to brag about having "over 150,000 folks" sign the petition. Those signatures cost over $4 a pop. This chart is on page 12.

NSEA has over $1 million left to try and convince the public that raising taxes on businesses that are losing money is a great idea, but my favorite fact comes at the bottom under the heading "legislature." Here's what NSEA writes:

The goal was to protect members' jobs, salaries, and benefits and to engage the Legislature with an aggressive pro-education platform.

For NSEA it's not about the children, it's about paying the adults more for things unrelated to student achievement.