NV’s government has failed in education. Let’s put it in charge of the economy!

Victor Joecks

A perfect encapsulation of government logic.

It’s also the thing that amazes me about all of the government officials who are so excited about Gov. Brian Sandoval’s economic development plan, which would put government in charge of picking economic winners and losers.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, agrees that education in Nevada is in a sorry state and must be improved ASAP.

So who’s been in charge of the education system for the last century? The private sector? Parents? Children?

Nope. The government! The same government that has nearly tripled inflation-adjusted, per-pupil education spending in the last 50 years, while results have remained stagnant.

The government has failed hundreds of thousands of children in Nevada, and now government officials want us to violate the constitution, abandon the free market and trust them to run the economy? You’ve got to be kidding me.

There’s plenty more to say on this roadmap to crony capitalism, so stay tuned.