Obama’s misleading ads

Patrick Gibbons

Barack Obama's political ads have been relentless here in Nevada.  Rarely does a day go by when we do not see or hear his claim that "for the first time in American history" John McCain "wants to tax your health care benefits."

Well, this claim is stretching the truth a bit.

Currently, people without employer-provided health insurance ARE ALREADY TAXED on the income they earn that is used to purchase health insurance.  This gives a major tax advantage to people who are provided health insurance through their employers. That is unfair.

McCain's plan simply seeks to create parity between people paying for their own insurance and people receiving health insurance through their employers.  That is why he is advocating a tax credit.

The tax increase, as Obama's camp claims it to be, results from removing the tax advantage from employee-provided care and creating parity between individuals regardless of how they acquire their health insurance.

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