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Andy Matthews

We’ve got some fine commentaries up at npri.org this week, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should check them out.

Here’s Steve Miller on Nevada bureaucrats’ attempts to destroy, er, help, child care in the state:

For several years, Nevada’s state Bureau of Services for Child Care has been pressing for regulations that would change the ground rules for all licensed Nevada child-care centers, requiring them to shift to a more-expensive “developmental” model, even though it would price more low-income parents out of the child-care marketplace.

Here’s Patrick Gibbons on the education establishment’s habit of focusing on spending levels – rather than on, you know, actual educational achievement:

Over the current biennium the legislature has authorized the appropriation of over $3.6 billion to K-12 education and $1.6 billion to higher education. However, the total of all education spending – state, local and federal – in the Silver State will likely exceed $12 billion.

Unfortunately, the results suggest that the Silver State will, as it has in the past, waste millions of those dollars by continuing to provide a subpar and ineffective system of K-college education.

And here’s Karen Gray on the most recent shenanigans of the Clark County School District trustees – namely, their attempt to suppress public criticism:

For better or worse, it is in public debate, through open and free discussion, that we glean an understanding. Likewise, it is through varying opinions and insights that truth is revealed.

And while no one is advocating personal attacks on school-board members, it is fair to also recognize that trustees are elected officials, who knowingly accepted the higher degree of public criticism and disparagement that comes today with public office.