Pardon our dust: NPRI’s moving

Victor Joecks

Sorry, liberals: NPRI’s not moving out of Nevada or Las Vegas. Nor are we even moving any of our terrific websites like (our homepage),,, (our site for investigative journalism) or (the easiest way to track twitter conversations about the Nevada Legislature).

Instead, we’re moving into a new and bigger office just a few miles from our current office in Las Vegas. I’m sure we’ll make a more formal announcement in the near future. All that is to say: For the next couple of weeks, blogging here at WriteonNevada might be a bit slower than I’d prefer. There are about a dozen stories I want to write on right now, but you just can’t do it all when you’re packing and unpacking.

As an organization, we’re excited to move and have a little more space, and we’re also grateful. Whether you are a faithful reader or donor (or both!), thank you. We wouldn’t have this opportunity without your support.

Thank you for sharing our research. Thank you for calling your lawmakers with our research and asking them questions. Thank you for your financial support. Know that the research NPRI is doing is making a huge difference. For instance, witness the reaction of these citizens to the 2010 salary data on TransparentNevada that we launched last week.

By the second week in August we should be back to full speed here at WriteonNevada, but even with the move, keep checking We’ve got some great stories and commentaries coming in the next two weeks, including today’s report on how the Horsford-led IFC may have illegally plundered millions from the College Savings Plan. That is a must-read story with the potential for significant legal implications.