Pelosi: Jail ‘very fair’ punishment for failing to fulfill your patriotic duty to buy health insurance

Victor Joecks

It’s ironic that Pelosi, Obama and Reid are so concerned about eliminating the “hidden tax” caused the uninsured when they are trying to impose at least another dozen actual taxes through the Obamacare bill. Also, the CATO Institute shows that Pelosi’s argument about the uninsured increasing costs is a red herring, anyway.

Then there’s the canard that the young impose costs on others by opting out of health insurance. In fact, the likelihood of requiring health insurance is extremely low for those younger than age 45. Their choice to forgo health insurance reflects a reasonable assumption of risk. If they fall sick, they can access the emergency room at a cost to others. But this cost source is small, contrary to the president’s claim. A recent study by Jonathan Gruber of MIT shows that for physicians’ services, about two-thirds of the uninsured pay list prices whereas the insured pay much lower prices. Indeed, even accounting for those uninsured people who don’t pay, the uninsured as a whole do not impose net costs on the rest.

And as a “bonus,” here’s Sen. Akaka admitting there’s no Constitutional authority for Congress to force you to buy health care, and that he doesn’t even care.