Please, Mr. Ralston, don’t make us blush

Andy Matthews

Jon Ralston had some (relatively) kind words for NPRI today in his column on Nevada lawmakers’ “legislative criminal neglect” (as the Sun scribe puts it).

“News Flash for Democrats: NPRI is not always wrong, and unions sometimes are,” Ralston writes.

Hey, turns out Ralston’s not always wrong, either.

But sometimes, he is. Such as in his very next sentence:

“News Flash for Republicans: Nevada does not have a spending problem when it comes to education and social services.”

Well, here’s a News Flash for Jon Ralston: Nevada has nearly tripled its inflation-adjusted, per-pupil spending on K-12 public education over the past 50 years. And we’ve seen nothing in the way of improved performance.

Nevada's per-pupil education spending has dramatically increased in the last 50 years
If that’s not a spending problem, I don’t know what is.