Podcast: Tax Foundation interviews Geoffrey Lawrence on NPRI’s tax study

Victor Joecks

Listen to the podcast here.

With news breaking yesterday that Nevada’s on-again, off-again tax study is on again, it has never been more important for Nevada’s voters, candidates and elected officials to understand and pay attention to the debate over taxes in Nevada.

While the legislature’s tax study is likely to call for a substantial increase in taxes and the creation of a corporate income tax, there is a better way. NPRI fiscal policy analyst Geoffrey Lawrence has written an alternative tax study called “One Sound State, Once Again.” Its revenue-neutral recommendations to broaden and stabilize Nevada’s tax base include broadening and lowering the sales tax, eliminating the modified business and insurance taxes and instituting tax and spending control to stop Nevada’s boom-and-bust spending cycles.

The Tax Foundation recently weighed in on different potential taxes in Nevada and warned that corporate income taxes are the “most volatile of the major taxes” and “are harmful for economic growth.” The Tax Foundation notes, however, that broadening the sales tax base can improve tax revenue “stability.”

To further discuss and explain these differences, the Tax Foundation interviewed Geoff for its podcast this week.

Click here to listen and click here to download the discussion.

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