NPRI praises Judge’s decision to dismiss ACLU case against ESAs

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LAS VEGAS — Real educational choice for parents and children is one step closer to becoming a reality in Nevada, after a Clark County District Court Judge dismissed the ACLU’s pointless lawsuit against the state’s Education Savings Account program.

The ACLU had argued that ESAs violated the state constitution’s “little Blaine amendment,” because parents would have the option of spending ESA funds at private religious schools. After District Judge Eric Johnson rightly dismissed the lawsuit, NPRI Communications Director Michael Schaus issued the following statement:

Judge Johnson made the right decision in dismissing the ACLU’s attempts to derail the most expansive and inclusive educational choice program in America. By using a law based in bigotry from the 1800s as justification for denying students expanded opportunity in education, the ACLU lawsuit sought to limit the options available to parents and students who are desperate to escape from failing government schools.  

Empowering parents, rather than bureaucrats or politicians, is inherently in line with Nevada’s constitution. Giving individual families control over their own future is not only a foundational element of a free society and its citizen-driven economy, but it is a fundamental human right no court should consider infringing.

We’re happy to see that Judge Johnson reached the decision he did. And we’re even more pleased to see that nearly universal educational choice is one step closer to reality in the Silver State.

The court’s decision can be read by clicking here.



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