NPRI: Sandoval’s ‘hybrid’ tax plan combines problems with all proposals

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CARSON CITY – Tonight, Gov. Brian Sandoval released a revised version of his gross-receipts tax proposal that also includes an increase in the Modified Business Tax and Business License Fee. In response to the news, NPRI Executive Vice President Victor Joecks released the following comments:

Nevada taxpayers have clearly let policymakers know that they don’t support higher taxes, especially a gross-receipts tax. With the margin tax going down in flames by a 4-to-1 ratio, and Sandoval’s Gross Receipts Business License Tax failing to even receive a vote in the Assembly, that message has been clearly sent. 

Unfortunately, Gov. Brian Sandoval is continuing to try and ram through a scaled-down version of a gross-receipts tax.

Calling it a “Commerce Fee” can’t disguise the problems inherent in gross-receipts taxation, such as raising taxes on businesses that are losing money and tax pyramiding.

Joecks noted that Sandoval’s plan would also raise the job-killing modified business tax and increase the costs of every small business owner.

Sandoval’s new plan combines the worst elements of all the existing plans and would pave the way for a never-ending push to expand the structurally flawed gross-receipts tax. 

While this plan would ensure full employment for lobbyists, it would lower employment for everyday Nevadans.


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