Public officials, ESA experts join to answer Northern Nevada parents’ questions

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LAS VEGAS — The Nevada Policy Research Institute is proud to announce an event in Reno on March 15th, and another in Carson City on March 16th, designed to give parents, educators and students access to in-depth information about Nevada’s new and innovative educational choice programs.

Representatives from the Nevada Treasurer’s Office, the state Department of Education and will be on hand at both events to answer questions about the reforms from the community. A representative from the Attorney General’s Office will also join the event in Carson City.

The two events are an important step in making sure that parents in every corner of the state understand how Education Savings Accounts and Tax Scholarships could seriously benefit their children’s future.

“With Education Savings Accounts still in legal limbo, it is more important than ever that parents have access to informed experts, whether public officials or ESA policy specialists,” said Michael Schaus, communications director for the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

“After all, this isn’t an issue that only impacts a handful of counties. Every student deserves the best opportunities for success, and every parent deserves the right to take control of their children’s education.”

The events will give the Reno and Carson City communities the opportunity to get answers directly from the state agencies in charge of implementing the new reform — and allow parents to easily gather the information they need to take advantage of the most inclusive educational choice program in the nation.

The first event will be held March 15th, at 6:30 p.m. at Brookfield School in Reno. The following event will be hosted by Sierra Lutheran High School in Carson City, also at 6:30 in the evening. Details can be found by visiting


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