Profile in courage: Gov. Chris Christie takes on the teachers union

Victor Joecks

As you can see in the video, the New Jersey teachers union has spent $6 million since March attacking Gov. Christie.

And it’s not just in New Jersey that teachers unions wield exorbitant influence to block reforms that would increase student achievement.

In fact, the biggest reason that Nevada’s student achievement has remained stagnant over the past 50 years while inflation-adjusted, per-pupil spending has nearly tripled is that teachers unions have strongly opposed reforms that have improved student achievement around the country.

The question for Nevada’ next governor is this: Will you stand up to the politically powerful teachers unions in order to increase student achievement, or will you be intimidated by their political power and condemn another generation of Nevada’s students to a failing school system?

Let’s hope the next governor -whoever it is – will follow Gov. Christie’s lead.