The Nevada Piglet Book 2010

By Geoffrey Lawrence
  • Thursday, September 30, 2010

Transparency in government increases accountability and reduces the potential for governmental corruption. That in turn can foster greater taxpayer confidence in elected officials. For this reason, the Nevada Policy Research Institute is committed to making Nevada state and local government information available, in user-friendly formats, to the people of the Silver State.

To accomplish this, NPRI annually makes hundreds of public records requests to state and local government agencies across Nevada. Much of the information received in response to these requests is made available as a free public service on, NPRI's transparency website.

In the course of such work, many instances of government waste come to light. Indeed, notwithstanding Nevada's severely depressed economy and worst-in-the-nation unemployment, state and local governments routinely continue abuses NPRI documented two years ago, in the 2008 Nevada Piglet Book.

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