Question 2: CCSD admits A/C breakdowns unrelated to capital improvement program

Victor Joecks

About a week after school started, several schools in the Clark County School District had air-conditioning breakdowns.

At Diskin Elementary School, the breakdown was severe enough that its students were temporarily moved to another school.

Never ones to a let a crisis go to waste, District officials, led by Chief Lobbyist Joyce Haldeman, put out a press release entitled, “Air conditioning failures at schools highlight need for CCSD ballot initiative.”

At the time, NPRI pointed out that, with 357 schools, A/C breakdowns were inevitable and that’s why CCSD already has a maintenance budget.

And now, that point has been confirmed by none other than Joyce Haldeman.

In a response piece to NPRI’s research sent out earlier this week, Haldeman writes, “Many of the 47 school HVAC systems that experienced outages during the first week of school did so because of maintenance issues that are not capital related…” (Emphasis added.)

Now she tells us. Now she reveals the District’s scare tactics to be nothing more than an attempt at emotional blackmail. Talk about a bait and switch.

Haldeman and CCSD are misleading parents, the public and the media.

They’re manipulating the media to gin up publicity to try to raise taxes.

And they’re trying to frighten voters into approving a tax increase that is unrelated to the A/C breakdowns that students, parents and teachers experienced recently.

It’s shameful.

CCSD officials are, once again, waving the bait. This time, they’ve already admitted they’re misleading you.

Don’t bite.