says false Congressional districts aren’t an egregious error

Victor Joecks

Yesterday, we revealed that is reporting that $7.7 million in stimulus spending created 21 jobs in four Nevada Congressional districts that don’t exist.

Not a big deal, according to the official twitter account:

Did you know? Unless an egregious error is noted, posts data exactly as it is reported by recipients.

What about the 75,343 bogus jobs “created or saved” by the stimulus? Are those not an egregious error, either? That number includes more than 4,000 bogus jobs in Nevada.

At least 4,000 of the supposedly created jobs in Nevada government — and possibly hundreds more — have been called into question in the light of reports that local governments were “told to take the amount of stimulus money they received and divide it by $92,000, the theoretical average wage and benefits of a job.” The Nevada Department of Education divided by $66,681 and the state’s higher education system used a figure of $45,000 when each estimated 2,000 jobs “saved.” Source: Las Vegas Sun

The state Department of Forestry reported 34 jobs created from a grant that in fact created only nine jobs. Source: Las Vegas Sun

Just another reminder that the stimulus was and is an epic failure.