Rory Reid is not a racist

Victor Joecks

And neither is anyone else on the Clark County Commission.

Former Sen. Joe Neal, D-Las Vegas, says Reid and other commissioners acted “in a very racist manner” when they voted 5-2 against authorizing a proposal by Clark County judges to hire former Assemblyman Morse Arberry, D-Las Vegas, as a lobbyist. Reid spokesman Mike Trask called the racial remarks “disappointing.”

Neal, who is black, says the vote against the deal for Arberry, who is black, shows Reid, the Democratic nominee for governor, isn’t qualified for higher office.

Background story here. Ralston had a good take on how ridiculous Arberry’s actions were, and Eric over at TransparentNevada has covered the story as well.

The politics of personal destruction, especially labeling someone a racist, are disgusting, no matter whom the accusation is directed at – although, as Saul Alinsky has noted, they are very effective. I know in the real world we all can’t get along, but could we at least debate and disagree on the merits of ideas instead of making false accusations about individuals and groups?

Former Sen. Neal apparently doesn’t think so. And neither do many in the national media.