Rory Reid: No need to mess with Nevada’s tax structure

Victor Joecks

Rory Reid has said he opposes messing with Nevada's tax structure or raising taxes
From yesterday’s Las Vegas Sun:

Reid has long declared he will not raise taxes, especially in this economy. And last week, he said the state’s tax structure is sound enough not to mess with.

Sen. Horsford, call your office.

Now, if Reid is looking for a revenue-neutral tax reform that broadens, simplifies and stabilizes Nevada’s tax structure, he should check out NPRI’s recent study, One Sound State, Once Again: Comprehensive fiscal reforms to again make Nevada strong, prosperous and free.

Of course, if Reid’s the wonk he’s portrayed as, maybe he already has.

For now, we should all just remember Reid’s promise about taxes and the state tax structure.

“I disagree with that,” he [Reid] said about the need for a tax increase.