Rory Reid on education: Innovate without spending more

Victor Joecks

Via Jim Clark at Nevada News and Views:

And in Reno last week Reid crossed swords with state teacher union leaders by firmly stating that in his endeavor to improve public education he will not raise taxes. Speaking at a round-table discussion at Swope Middle School Reid told teacher union officials: “I have described how (improvements in education) can occur in the budget neutral way. You can innovate without significant cost.” (Emphasis added)

Reid is exactly right. Improvements like empowerment schools, which involve giving principals control over 90 percent of their budgets, and open enrollment don’t require extra funding.

But the good news is that stronger educational reforms like vouchers, which have raised graduation rates among students in Washington, D.C., or tax credits can actually save Nevada a billion dollars over the next 10 years while increasing student achievement.

Around the country, educational reforms are gathering bi-partisan support. No matter how the governor’s race turns out, let’s hope that Nevada’s next governor follows the lead of states where education reforms have greatly increased their students’ achievement.