Roses are red

Andy Matthews

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Roses are red

In case you didn’t notice — and if you didn’t, you’re probably in trouble — today is Valentine’s Day.

And while the team here nixed my idea of raffling off dates with single staff members, I wanted to make sure NPRI gave you a Valentine’s Day present. And since we’re the generous sort, we decided to give it to the whole state and to provide it a day early.

Yes, I’m referring to our release yesterday of Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System payouts, searchable by name, at TransparentNevada.

Now, while access to more than 49,000 pension records may not seem as fitting for February 14th as hearts and teddy bears, here’s how the PERS information now available at TransparentNevada reminds me of some familiar things associated with Valentine’s Day.

Candy Hearts

We all love those little candy hearts with the cute sayings, but the one most applicable here is the one that says: “I’ll tell.” You have a right to this information, and we’re telling the world.


Chocolate may melt in your mouth, but finding out from TransparentNevada that over 1,000 retirees are on track to make more than $100,000 in retirement payouts will make you want to melt your face off to relieve the anger. Or eat more chocolate to relieve the stress of knowing that, until the law changes, taxpayers are backstopping these pensions.


One of the four “C”s you consider when looking for a diamond is clarity, and that’s what you’ll find at TransparentNevada. No longer do citizens have to rely on second-hand information about government-employee retirement packages. You can see clearly now.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
is our gift to you.

By the way, it’s fine if you spend today pouring that special someone a glass of wine, instead of poring over these records. We’ll be here Monday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Andy Matthews
NPRI President

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