Rough draft outline of the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group’s report

Victor Joecks

Here’s the rough draft outline of the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group’s report (pdf file) prepared by Moody’s Analytics.

Give the outline a brief scan and you’ll find that it’s a leftist’s wish list, including gems like:

· Strategy: Review constitutional restriction on public funding of private enterprises;
· A metric under the goal of “Raising the quality of elementary and secondary education: Expenditure per pupil”;
· Strategy under “Increase early-childhood education options: Expand requirements for early childhood education centers”;
· An obesity rate metric;
· Strategy: Stabilize fire department funding. (Reminder: 75 percent Clark County firefighters make more than $100,000, not including over $40,000 in benefits.); and
· Metric: Decreasing the number of Automobile Vehicle Miles Traveled by Capita (Their vision includes separating you from your car).

The above is just a sampling of the vision the leftists, union members and government officials have for your life.

Which leads me to the question: Why is someone else (or a group of 20 people) setting a 20-year vision – for which taxpayers would foot the bill – for you and me and the entire state of Nevada?

I know this whole process has been a charade to give politicians, led by Sen. Steven Horsford, political cover to call for tax increases in 2011, but for them to assume that they have the ability, using government coercion, to tell everyone else how they should live their lives is appalling.