Sandoval vetoes bill dumbing down high school graduation standards

Victor Joecks

The bill is AB456 and, as I wrote last week, it would have allowed students to graduate while failing a portion of the high school exit exam.

Today, Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed the bill with the following comments.

“Although this bill may allow more students to graduate from high school, it represents diminished expectations for our students and lower standards for obtaining a high school diploma in Nevada,” said Sandoval in his veto message.

“In my State of the State address, I said that our education system emphasizes too many of the wrong things. AB456 is another example of this paradigm and would send the wrong message to our students.”

The bill would need a two-thirds vote to overturn Sandoval’s veto, which it didn’t have in the Senate when it passed the first time.

With only minor education reforms passing this session, Nevada didn’t need to water down its standards any more.